Q: I am having trouble finding products on the Facebook business page.

Do you have a website to shop?

A: We are currently in the process of building a NEW WEBSITE to make it much easier shop.

Until it is live, we will be using our old method of helping you find products and ordering through Facebook messaging.
Don't be shy, we are there to help! No question is wrong, no order too small...

and its perfectly fine to only compare costs!

Q: I found things I want, now what do I do?

A: You may comment your interest on any picture and we can add it to an order if you wish,

or we can also discuss your items in a private message, or by phone.

We will send you a message with your order confirmation details for your record and discuss shipping.

Q: Can you personally help me choose food/ toys/ cages for my particular bird?

A: Yes, we would be happy to help you choose and regularly send suggestions via pictures,

prices and information through your messages.

Most clients love this way as they get personal one on one service, and can see their products before they order!

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, EMT, debit (in store) money orders or cleared cheques.

Q: Is my credit card information stored for future orders?

A: For your security, we never keep a record of any credit cards. We take the security of personal data very seriously. 

You must submit each time unless a request to save is issued.

Q: Can I return any items if not suitable?

A: Due to transmissible avian diseases and for the safety of everyone's birds,

we do not accept returns on any opened product that has come in contact with any birds.

Please choose carefully prior to buying/ ordering so this won't be necessary.
Any defective merchandise however will be refunded or credited.

Q: What shipping methods do you use?


A: We ship by several very reasonable couriers, Canada Post or a carrier of your personal choice.

We strive to ship as economically as possible, and source the most cost effective method.

You are charged only what we pay for shipping. We charge no handling fees.


Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: Yes, we certainly do! Message us for details.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: Indeed!

Q: Are there any other products available that are not on the Chirp N Dales Pet Supply Facebook?

A: As we carry thousands of products, it is impossible to put all of them on Facebook.

Just message us for current details and stay tuned for our upcoming new website!