We have an extensive line of  FOOD, TREATS, MASHES & BREADS, including Roudybush, Harrisons, Pretty Bird Species Specific, Daily Select & Natural Gold formulas, Hagen Tropican, Tropimix, Pro Mix, Gourmet,  Lafebers, Higgins Gourmet Worldy Cuisines line, Zupreem Naturals, Fruitblends and Nutblends, Volkmans, Kaylor of Colorado, Kaytee,  Twin Beaks Aviary, Armstrong, Goldenfeast,  Sunseed, FM Browns and many more.

We can also order any other brands, if we do not have them....Just ask!

WE sell BULK MILLET by the piece, spray or boxes.

We have an AMAZING BULK FOOD section sold by the pound in many popular brands. Save big on pellets, cookable mash, gourmet seed, pine nuts, hemp seed, buckwheat, oat groats, etc.

Now you CAN afford to feed the very best quality foods, and treats at less than inferior food prices!!
Quality starts at only $2.49 a pound!!

Lots of vitamin & mineral supplements, medications, breeding aides, shampoos & feather care, spray baths, anti plucking formulas, harnesses, diapers, cage cleansers, bird safe disinfectants, insect control, first aid, books, videos & much, much more!

We carry lots of CAGES and PLAYSTANDS

King Cages, A & E Cages, Caitec, Prevue Hendryx, HQ, Hagen, Glitter, Ferret Nation, Critter Nation, to name a few.

Available from small finch size up to walk in aviaries...we have them all in wire, powder coated and stainless steel.
We do have some rodent supplies, cages etc, cat & dog treats, foods & a few toys for the furry guys, but our main focus is avian.
If you need anything specific for your furry, finned or scaled pets, just ask & we can probably get it for you!!

Our avian toy selection and foraging selection is gigantic & includes small to super jumbo sizes!!

We also have a forever growing, section of TOY PARTS to create your own masterpieces!

Vegetable tanned leather, vines, wicker, yucca, loofa, wood & acrylic toy beads and parts, rope in manila, cotton, paper rope in several sizes, sold by the foot, stainless and nickel plated bells, plastic and nickel plated chain, fasteners and links for the crafty peeps out there.