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  • Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball 7” x 2”
  • Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball 7” x 2”
  • Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball 7” x 2”

Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball 7” x 2”

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Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball
A smaller version of our original Jumbo Holy Moly.
7" x 2"
Great for small to medium birds and critters.
Assorted colors.
One unit.

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Introducing the Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball, the ultimate enrichment toy designed for small to medium parrots such as budgies, conures, ringnecks, African Greys, Amazons, etc. This foraging ball combines entertainment with mental stimulation, ensuring hours of engaging play for your feathered friend.

Crafted from non-toxic, durable rubber, the Mini Foraging Ball provides a safe and long-lasting outlet for your parrot's natural instincts. Its design allows for stuffing with a variety of goodies, including nuts, toys, shred, treats, veggies, and more. The ball is securely mounted on a steel skewer adorned with  acrylic beads, creating a visually appealing and physically challenging foraging experience.

Foraging is a crucial aspect of a parrot's well-being. In the wild, these intelligent birds spend a significant amount of time searching for food, solving problems, and engaging in mental and physical activities. Replicating this natural behavior in captivity is essential for their overall mental health and happiness.

The Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball encourages mental stimulation as your parrot must figure out how to extract the hidden treasures within the ball. This interactive process promotes cognitive development, reduces boredom, and prevents undesirable behaviors like feather plucking and excessive screaming. Additionally, the physical activity involved in manipulating the ball helps maintain your parrot's overall health and fitness.

 Watch as they conquer the challenge, staying mentally sharp and physically active while having a ball of a time!

The Bonkers Holy Moly Mini Foraging Ball isn't just a treat for parrots; it's also a fantastic enrichment toy for critters who enjoy foraging.  This versatile ball accommodates a variety of small animals.

Foraging is a fundamental activity for critters too, stimulating their minds and encouraging natural behaviors. Whether you have birds, small rodents, rabbits, or other foraging-friendly pets, the Jumbo Foraging Ball provides an engaging and safe outlet for their instincts.

 The interactive nature of the Foraging Ball helps prevent boredom-related behaviors and promotes a healthy, happy lifestyle for your furry friends.

Invest in the Bonkers Holy Moly Foraging Ball to cater to the foraging instincts of both parrots and critters alike. It's a multi-purpose enrichment toy that adds joy and mental stimulation to the lives of your beloved pets.

ball / foraging / hide / treats
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